How do we answer the comments and questions made by people who sometimes feel uncomfortable with certain actions or words of the President, people who might otherwise consider voting for President Trump due to some of his policies and achievements?

Right before COVID lock down several Republican women activists met together to determine strategies for helping re-elect Donld J. Trump. Since then, despite the lock down and every possible trick from the left the Republican Women of Pennsylvania from every county throughout the Commonwealth have been working to re-elect our President, our local, state and federal candidates and putting fourth our conservative agenda continually.

Attached here is one of the efforts made by the Lehigh County & Northampton women. President of the Northampton County Council of Republican Women, Judy Strock interviewed Rabbi Spero and the Monroe Council will have the interview on their Zoom program tomorrow evening. I wanted all of you to be able to have it. Rabbi Spero is one of the brightest, conservative minds of our day and we are blessed also to have his wife Beth as President of the Lehigh County Republican Women. 

Please, please make PRAYER  a priority.

Thank you for listening, Josephine

Josephine Ferro is President of the Pennsylvania Federation of Republican Women

How to talk to people who are uncomfortable with the President’s words and actions.