Duties of the Watchman

“The watchmen have to pay very close attention and be greatly discerning while surveying the horizon. He has to know when the rain or a windstorm is coming, and he has to discern the difference between a small threat and an army’s coming to destroy the people of God.

The Lord tell Ezekiel to get up on te wall and keep watch, and He’s telling us to do the same. Then when you see the enemy advancing, when you see the problem that you already discerned was coming, you’ll blow the trumpet and warn your people.”

And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one anther. ~ Matthew 24:10

“Jesus then tells us that in the last days, ‘many shall be offended.’ Isn’t to one of the key identifying factors of the generation we’re living in? People can suddenly claim to be offended by anything at any time, even if it’s free speech opinion spoken in a constructive way. People are offended by statues of people that liberated us. They’re even offended by people and institutions that have helped our nation survive and thrive.” ~ Pastor Greg Locke

Matthew 10:21

“The Bible says that in these days Brother will be again brother and father will be against his son, and so on . . . in the darkest ways imaginable. When I would read that in the past I used to think, “who could ever be that cold, that destructive, that divisive, that brazen? ‘ And what could ever drive people in our communities – even those we love – to betray us in the public forum? I couldn’t imagine it. The covid-19 happened.” ~ Pastor Greg Locke

7 Reasons Church MUST be Open

1 – The power is in the gathering

2- The local Church s still the pillar and ground of the truth

3- The closer we get to the coming of Christ, the more we are commanded to meet

4 – Hell itself can’t stop the Church

5 – The world is in desperate need of hope

6 – Pastors are called to be bold voices in a confused culture

7 – God never makes an exception for the authority of the Church