Yes, the USA was blessed with four great years! (2016-2020)

A great four years

Having Donald Trump as my president has been so refreshing.

He was a president who paid great respect to God, American values, our flag, our police, our military, and the lives of the unborn. He set in motion the path to greater economic progress which affects my present life and my retirement.

I intend to stay connected to the movement that he started. Thank you Donald Trump for four great years.

Mark Redmond


Thank you Mark Redmond for a great Letter to the Editor in 1/22/2021 Sunbury Daily Item.

I requested a mail in ballot but now want to go to the polls on Nov 3, 2020; what do I do?

You have two choices

  1. Hand deliver the ballot to your county board of elections before 8:00 pm on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
  2. Take your mail in ballot and the envelope it was to be mailed in to the polls and give to the election workers; they will destroy the mail in ballot and you will be allowed to vote at the polls. 

Note, you must have both items (ballot and the envelop to mail) in order to do a regular vote at the polls.  If you do not have both you will not be allowed to vote at the polls.  If you do not have both you can vote provisional, when and if the provisional ballot will be counted will only be determined if the election is close and if they prove you did not by mail in.

Ever wonder how a person’s name appears on the ballot?

Have you ever gone to the polls to vote and wonder how a person’s name is listed on the ballot?  Any candidate listed on the ballot had to petition the voters of his/her party to be listed.  Grassroots workers and candidates are currently out gathering signatures to have names placed on the ballot.  Every candidate must follow this process from President of the United States to Supervisor of a township.  Candidates must then file their paperwork to be a candidate along with the petitions.

You may wonder how many signatures it takes to get your name placed on the ballot?

peition numbers