I requested a mail in ballot but now want to go to the polls on Nov 3, 2020; what do I do?

You have two choices

  1. Hand deliver the ballot to your county board of elections before 8:00 pm on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
  2. Take your mail in ballot and the envelope it was to be mailed in to the polls and give to the election workers; they will destroy the mail in ballot and you will be allowed to vote at the polls. 

Note, you must have both items (ballot and the envelop to mail) in order to do a regular vote at the polls.  If you do not have both you will not be allowed to vote at the polls.  If you do not have both you can vote provisional, when and if the provisional ballot will be counted will only be determined if the election is close and if they prove you did not by mail in.

Ever wonder how a person’s name appears on the ballot?

Have you ever gone to the polls to vote and wonder how a person’s name is listed on the ballot?  Any candidate listed on the ballot had to petition the voters of his/her party to be listed.  Grassroots workers and candidates are currently out gathering signatures to have names placed on the ballot.  Every candidate must follow this process from President of the United States to Supervisor of a township.  Candidates must then file their paperwork to be a candidate along with the petitions.

You may wonder how many signatures it takes to get your name placed on the ballot?

peition numbers

Intervenors in the Pennsylvania Congressional Map Redistricting case, issue a statement on the PA Supreme Court’s decision

PA Supreme Court throws map out, Elections into uncertainty

Harrisburg PA – A divided Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court today threw out the State’s Congressional map, and, with a one-vote majority, gave the legislature less than three weeks to craft a new one – an unprecedented intervention some feel has brought chaos and confusion on the eve of 2018 elections, and directly impacts the outcomes.

As a result of today’s decision, millions of Pennsylvanians will wake up tomorrow not knowing who will be their Member of Congress,” said Jackie Kalbach, one of the individual Intervenors. “With the Primary less than four months away, voters don’t know what District they will be living in, or which nomination petitions to sign next month.” The Intervenors had petitioned the court to delay any new map until 2020 to avoid throwing the electoral process into “mass confusion.”

The current map, enacted by the legislature in December of 2011, with support from both parties, had been in place through three Congressional election cycles without challenge.  Seeking to change it now, with 2018 electoral process well underway, will seriously disrupt the orderly election process.   It’s a reality even Justice Max Baer recognized. While he declared the map “unconstitutional”, he also acknowledged that delaying the new map until 2020 would have minimized confusion.

“This decision will create substantial voter confusion and displacement. Candidates, many of whom have been campaigning since November of 2016, now don’t know if they live in the District anymore,”

Lynne Ryan, one of the Intervenors, said. “Those campaigns for Congress are effectively shut down, and all investments are effectively lost.”

There is no question the Court’s decision will have a profound and immediate impact. Campaigns, which have invested substantial financial resources on materials, travel, hiring, and fundraising, are likely to suffer significant losses. Efforts to organize, enlist and train volunteers in preparation for February 13th petition circulation, are brought to an abrupt halt since campaigns are not likely to know the new District lines, and whether or not their campaign is whole, until February 19th. Financial hardships could be exacerbated if campaign donors ask to have their contributions back.  At best, Congressional campaigns will have to start over from scratch.

Mark Harris, one of the Intervenors, contends that the decision favors the rights of some Pennsylvanians over others.  “Even though all Pennsylvanians have Free Speech and Freedom of Association Rights, the Intervenors’ 2018 Constitutional rights have been wiped out – no remedy for them.  Their rights are lost forever.”

The Clouds Parted

On January 20th, 2017 at 11:59 am during the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, the clouds parted for his swearing in.  As soon as President Trump was sworn in, the clouds closed up and it started to rain.  Amazing!