Red, White, and Blue by Jonathan Sentz

Proudly it waves Old Glory over the land of the free
Promise of hope and freedom, symbol of liberty
Red, white and blue are its colors, colors both vibrant and clear. Colors with far deeper meaning then that at first may appear.
Red is for blood of patriots that have died to free us.
White is for justice and government of law
Blue is for honor and faith in all we do
This is my flag, this is Old Glory the red, white, and blue.
Long may it wave or the land of the free
Long may it wave or the land of the brave
Long may it wave.

Lou Barletta Meet & Greet 7/29/2021

Lou Barletta, Candidate for PA Governor, will hold a meet and greet on Thursday, July 29th, 2021 at the Union Township Fire Company Social Hall (40 Municipal Lane Winfield, PA 17889) from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm. The event is free and refreshments will be served. No need to RSVP.

Note, Mark & Irene are not endorsing any candidates for Governor at this time. We believe that voters should get out and meet all the candidates running and be informed. There are several seeking this position. We were asked to share this information and hope many get to know Lou and the other candidates running. PA Governor and US Senate positions will be on the ballot in 2022. Although it is important that we take the US House and PA Governor offices in 2022, today’s main focus should be in electing good constitutional judges to the court system.

Kevin Brobson, PA Supreme Court

Megan Sullivan, Superior Court

Stacy Wallace & Drew Compton, Commonwealth Court

Yes, the USA was blessed with four great years! (2016-2020)

A great four years

Having Donald Trump as my president has been so refreshing.

He was a president who paid great respect to God, American values, our flag, our police, our military, and the lives of the unborn. He set in motion the path to greater economic progress which affects my present life and my retirement.

I intend to stay connected to the movement that he started. Thank you Donald Trump for four great years.

Mark Redmond


Thank you Mark Redmond for a great Letter to the Editor in 1/22/2021 Sunbury Daily Item.