The Beleiving Women’s Club (a republican women’s club) hosted a booth at Burnham Days

The Believing Women’s Republican Club of Mifflin County hosted a booth at Burnham Days. They received an overwhelming response from constituents to sign a petition to save our second amendment rights. They thank everyone who wrote a thank you to our troops overseas and were glad to meet so many people.

Socks for Soldiers!

tube socksThe PA Federation of Republican Women are collecting tube socks for our troops overseas.  So many little things we take for granted, like going to our drawer, pulling out a pair of socks and changing whenever we like.  Our soldiers who are over there fighting for our freedom, so we can change socks however many times a day we like, are they themselves in need of socks.

PFRW will be collecting socks at their next board meeting on August 9, 2013. If you are not attending the board meeting, but would like to donate socks, please see someone who is a Republican Women member.