Do you shop at Bon Ton? Would you if you knew your money was supporting the Tom Wolf Campaign?

York County Bon-Ton exec gives $1 million to Tom Wolf campaign



Posted:   01/30/2014 11:35:52 PM EST | Updated:   9 months ago


To have a friend of such generosity might be rare. To have a friend of such resources, rarer still.

Prominent York County businessman Tim Grumbacher has donated $1 million to Tom Wolf’s gubernatorial campaign, saying he made the gift with “no hesitation” and was proud to do it.

“I know political donations are usually suspect, but I would hope people know I did this because I really believe he’s the best guy for the job,” Grumbacher said. “I don’t expect to get anything out of this. To put up the amount of money that I’m giving, I look at it really as a gift to all of us, to Pennsylvania (continue reading)


HB 76 & SB 76 to be introduced

property taxHouse Bill 76 and Senate Bill 76 are to be introduced regarding property taxes and education funding.  There are many pros and cons to such a bill.  We constituents we need to education ourselves on the issue and the bills.  Many times there are things “stuck in” a bill that really don’t belong there.  We have not read into depth in these two bills, but will in the near future.  Please education yourself!

One article to consider –

Education yourself, debate others (you may learn something you never thought of before),  attend events to learn more and other peoples opinions, and talk with your elected representatives.