2014 PLC – Kumbaya: Working Together

2014 PLC - Kumbaya working together

Kumbaya – Working Together

Brief Notes from PLC –

Gene Barr, PA Chamber of Commerce – look at past history and where we are today and how we can use it. Thank you to veterans. Book, An Army at Dawn – about World War II and the beginnings; book is the story of the North African campaign. This group did not like that group that group did not like the other group; but they all had a common goal and came together to share the common goal which was the goal. We share the common goal; stop leaving our grandkids with a mound of debt.

Stephen Bloom, State Rep – system was designed by founders to be a complex; checks and balances. Controversy is a feature of the system and should be expected. To get things done you need to get a seat at the table. After elected you need credibility to keep a seat which comes from citizen activists. Present good ideas in a message that is crafted in a way that people identify with and can connect with.

Michael Geer, PA Family Institute -founded PA family institute by coming together and working towards a common goal. Formed about the same time PLC was founded. Group comes together – St Paul in letter to Corinthians chapter 12 body does not consist of one member but many. Eye can not say to the body, I have no need for you. We need to recognize and come together.

Robert Gleason, PA GOP Chairman – Gleason and party does not govern. Try to promote the party platform and if you have not read it, you need to. Written every other four years and is a wonderful document. He always reminds those elected of the party platform when he can.

Anastasia Przybylski, Freedom Works – humility and respect. A lot of people woke up five years ago and realized they needed to be involved. People in party structure did not accept us with open arms but now realize we are not going away.  The republican party and Tea Party need to recognize one thing, the republican party needs the tea party and the tea party needs the republican party.  When people want to run for state or county committee they are me with opposition. Republican Party needs to see there are new people and new energies and realize they need to change with times and need less resistance.

Diana Reimber, Tea Party Patriots – All come together for a commone cause, out of control spending and a tax and spend government. Believe in fiscal responsibility, constitutional rights, right to grow job.  The Tea Party Patriots support principles over party. 501C4, does not endorse. Recently formed a pac to support candidates.  When ask if the tea party going away – absolutely not. Used to see people waving signs, now you see people going to meeting and running for office.

Glenn Beck to Speak at Audit the IRS Rally

audit the irs rallyl 6-19-2013Patriots, we have big news to share. We have just been informed that Glenn Beck has accepted an invitation to speak at our Audit the IRS rally on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 from 12pm to 3pm. There were rumors last week and even talk from Beck on his radio program that he would be showing up in DC this week. You can read more about his announcement here  Glenn Beck


The Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots will be taking a bus to DC from State College, Burnham and Mifflintown PA for the IRS rally on June 19.  If you are interested please contact Lisa Nancollas @ 717-437-1327 email Lnancollas@aol.com

Lisa Nancollas, lnancollas@aol.com
Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots, Coordinator

Tea Party Patriots PA State Coordinator



tea party patriots -3

Tea Party Patriots are needed at the IRS Rally in DC on June 19

Dear Patriots,

Please go to the Tea Party Patriots web site.  We hope you can go to the IRS Rally in DC on June 19th at 12 noon at IRS building. On the TPP site, they would like to know if you are coming, and if you would like a bus.  Tea Party Patriots is working on partnering with other large grassroots groups, and if that occurs, the bus situation may happen.  We will keep you updated as we get information.  In the meantime, please go to the site, sign up and check off if you would want a bus or if not. www.teapartypatriots.org

The IRS and Washington, DC needs to hear from the American people.  Our freedoms and liberties cannot be taken away!

We would appreciate you letting us know if you will be attending.

Lisa Nancollas, lnancollas@aol.com
Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots, Coordinator

Tea Party Patriots PA State Coordinator



According to President Obama, you “willfully lied” this week

2nd amend liar

It’s right there in his tantrum speech yesterday afternoon:

But instead of supporting this compromise, the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill.

That’s right. When you stood up for transparency and the Constitution, you weren’t defending your principles. You were being dishonest. And your “dishonest[y]” helped the Senate stand against a possibly unconstitutional, rushed bill that would have done little to stop the kinds of shootings seen in Aurora and at Sandy Hook.

Of course, the politics didn’t end with calling you liars. Apparently, you ignored “the murder of 20 innocent schoolchildren and their teachers.” Never mind that FBI data indicates most homicides (the majority of which are committed with guns) don’t occur in white, suburban America. In reality, the majority are linked to drug-related crime and gangs in major metropolises. By skewing these numbers, the President and other anti-gun politicians only look interested in violence that agrees with their narrative.

Of course, the President says he stands with those who die from gun violence, as well as their loved ones.

One common argument I heard was that this legislation wouldn’t prevent all future massacres. And that’s true. As I said from the start, no single piece of legislation can stop every act of violence and evil. We learned that tragically just two days ago. But if action by Congress could have saved one person, one child, a few hundred, a few thousand; if it could’ve prevented those people from losing their lives to gun violence in the future while preserving our Second Amendment rights, we had an obligation to try. And this legislation met that test. And too many senators failed theirs.

In that case, why doesn’t the President tell the public that “the number of defensive gun uses far exceeds the number of violent crimes committed with guns?” Is he not looking at the data, or is he cherry-picking what he shares with the American people?

Lastly, if the President were truly intent on “action by Congress” that “could have saved one person, one child,” why did he have no comment when asked about the Gosnell trial in Pennsylvania – a trial where a doctor is accused of killing at least eight people, including one woman and seven children?

The President’s comments yesterday are those of a man who, as Allahpundit noted, is a lame duck President only months into his second term. He lost the trust of the American people when he decided to support the Beltway status quo of constitutional violations and a lack of transparency. If anybody’s honesty is in question, it’s his.