Snyder County Republicans Back Trump

On Jan. 8, using her position as GOP state committee member, Pat Saylor called for the resignation and removal of our President Donald J. Trump. She claims to be a representative of the voters of Snyder County; but I can assure Ms. Saylor that she is very mistaken. President Trump is the first president in a very long time to work every day fighting for us the American people, truly believing in America first, pushing back daily on the globalist and corporatist from within and outside of his administration.

President Trump has been the most pro-life president that we’ve ever had, fighting for the life of the unborn, reinstating the Mexico City Policy, which restricts the use of foreign aid by not allowing (click to continue reading).

In case you missed the original article . . . Republican State Committee member Pat Saylor said President Donald Trump should be removed from office. (click to read)

Red, White, and Blue by Jonathan Sentz

Proudly it waves Old Glory over the land of the free
Promise of hope and freedom, symbol of liberty
Red, white and blue are its colors, colors both vibrant and clear. Colors with far deeper meaning then that at first may appear.
Red is for blood of patriots that have died to free us.
White is for justice and government of law
Blue is for honor and faith in all we do
This is my flag, this is Old Glory the red, white, and blue.
Long may it wave or the land of the free
Long may it wave or the land of the brave
Long may it wave.

Why I am voting for Dave McCormick for US Senate

  • He is one of us, growing up on a rural Pennsylvania farm; graduating from Bloomsburg High School.  He grew up with a work ethic farm kids only know as part of life.  
  • After HS, Dave was appointed to West Point graduating with a mechanical engineer degree.  He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and attended Airborne and Ranger Schools graduating with honors.  His division was one of the first that was sent to Iraq during the Persian Gulf War.  Freedom is not free, and Dave knows that first hand, but was willing to fight for my freedom and the country he loves. 
  • After graduating from Princeton in 1996 Dave worked for a company in Pittsburgh when the steel industry had collapsed.   He understands the hardships of employees and business owners and was able to rise above this and create a healthy economy/job environment. 
  • Under the Bush administration, Mr. McCormick served under the Secretary of Commerce and Security and was named a Deputy National Security Advisor.  From 2007 – 2009 he served under the Secretary of Treasurer for International Affairs.  Dave understands the risk this country is under and will fight to secure our borders. 
  • After 13 years of serving is country, Dave then took the position in one of the most successful investment companies, Bridge Water Associates.  Like our son, he had to move out of PA for job opportunities.  However, Dave has always owned property in Pennsylvania and paid property tax in PA his entire life.  He knows the struggles of finding a good job in PA and he understand the struggles of property tax in PA.  I recently had a relative criticize Dave for something she read off of a uncredible website; Dave has never supported China, and will work to keep America dependent on Americans.  Bridge Water did have investments with China, which if you do your research amounts to 2%.  You can’t make me believe any of your investments in your retirement funds are less than 2% with ties to China; you would have to show me.   
  • Dave McCormick understands the importance of the second amendment, without it we would not have the freedoms that we currently hold (endorsed by NRA & FOCA).  He is pro-life and received the endorsement of the PA Pro-Life Federation.  He does not support mandates, and just like he fought for our freedoms during the Persian Gulf War, he will fight for election integrity and will stand up for the American values. 

And that is why I am voting for Dave McCormick for US Senate.  I hope you join me. 

Irene C. Harris