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Republican Seniors Coalition: Nine Steps To Help Mitt Romney Win

Nine Steps Seniors and Others Can Take To Help Get Out the Seniors’ Vote For Mitt Romney:
By Fred Seelman (email address: )
The Republican Seniors Coalition has put together nine steps to take to help get out the seniors’ vote for Mitt Romney. They are for both those who can take the steps and who can help others do it. Get them out to Republican seniors and others in the GOP everywhere. They are:

1. Make telephone calls for Mitt Romney from your home to voters in battleground/swing states using the Republican National Committee or Mitt Romney websites, . Because they are more often home during the day, seniors are both more likely to be able to make such calls and receive and act on them when they arrive. Telephones and computers are needed to do this. To both learn how to and actually make the calls, seniors need to go to one or both of the following websites: the Republican National Committee (RNC) at ; and the Mitt Romney campaign at (if you are looking at this on a computer, clicking on any website will bring it up).
Battleground/ swing states are generally: Florida; Ohio; Virginia; Wisconsin; Michigan; Iowa; Colorado; Nevada; New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Sometimes are: New Mexico and North Carolina.
2. Try to get the senior vote out for Mitt Romney in battleground/swing states even if you don’t live in one. Extra efforts in battleground/swing states may more likely result in a national presidential win for Mitt Romney. Donate to Mitt Romney campaigns in the battleground/swing states by sending your donations to the Republican National Committee or the Mitt Romney campaign in addition to helping by calling in to voters in these states. The RNC and Romney campaign will allocate your money to the states where it will do the most good to help Mitt Romney win the presidency Consult with your national, state, county and local Republican committees and precinct chairmen and Republican clubs about how to help Romney win in the battleground/swing states. To reach Republican or Romney leaning voters in battleground/swing states, try to get from Republican or Romney officials Republican or independent voters’ email addresses to send to, telephone numbers to call, and addresses to write to. And follow up on any opportunity provided by Republican or Romney officials to send messages to battleground/swing state voters .Send letters and emails to national and other newspapers and websites supporting Mitt Romney and after political articles published on the Internet allowing for comments, make ones for Mitt Romney, Republican seniors and Republicans in general. Initiate in your Republican Clubs projects to help Mitt Romney win in the battleground/swing states. Travel to battleground/swing states if you can and help there in the ways mentioned in the following paragraphs for your home state. Don’t delay, early and absentee voting may may have already started.
3. Go to senior centers and talk up Mitt Romney. Use telephone books or services, the Internet or the library to locate nearby senior centers. If you still can’t find them, email me for locations.
4. Contact nearby senior residences like nursing homes and assisted living facilities about how to help Republican or Republican leaning resident seniors to vote. Offer to provide registration assistance (VA by 10/14; OH by 10/9; and FL by 10/9) and absentee ballots (VA by 10/30; OH 11/2; and FL by 10/31) or transportation to the polls to these seniors. Also offer to provide them with speakers, programs, and information about Republican candidates and positions. Use telephone books or services, Internet sites or the library to find the nearby residences. If you can’t find them, email me for locations.
5. Get out the senior vote for Mitt Romney in senior retirement communities. Set up clubs, programs and meetings in senior retirement communities to promote him. Develop positions and literature that will convince seniors to vote for him and get them into senior community, senior center and other publications and websites and on their bulletin boards. Write a column for Republican seniors, Use telephone books, the Internet, retirement magazines or the library to find senior retirement communities, If you can’t find them, email me for locations.
6. Go to Republican/Mitt Romney Victory Offices (usually only in battleground/swing states) and walk neighborhoods, make telephone calls and perform other tasks to get Mitt Romney elected. Seniors are more likely to be home during the day. Ask if visits can be arranged to nursing homes , assisted living facilities and other senior places. Use local Republican offices, telephone services, the Internet or the library to find the Victory Offices. If you can’t find them, email me for locations.
7. Increase the utility of this email by forwarding it to other Republican or Romney leaning seniors.
8. Use individual initiatives to promote Mitt Romney among seniors and generally. Locate both Republican and independent seniors by looking at county voting records (ages and addresses, e.g. street locations may be of senior homes, residences and communities, help, identify them), Republican Party lists (are like voting lists) and Republican donor lists (they are on the Internet and seniors are usually those who list their occupations as “retired”), contact them and ask them to work with you to elect Mitt Romney president. Get your (Republican) club to work harder for him. Recruit friends to join the effort and get them to be as active as possible.. If you have questions about forming a Republican (senior) club, email me (I am the president of one). To form a Republican women’s club, go to the website of the National Federation of Republican Women: . And for other kinds of Republican clubs, see the following: Republican Jewish Coalition, .: National Black Republican Association, ; and Republican National Hispanic Assembly, .
9. Join me in this Republican Seniors Coalition to elect Mitt Romney the next President of the United States. Email and tell me about your decision. Also please share any ideas you may have about seniors helping seniors and others elect Mitt Romney the next President of the United States. If you need assistance developing arguments, position papers, and/or literature to convince seniors to support Mitt Romney or have any questions about the subject or the senior coalition, email me for what you need. For general information about the Mitt Romney campaign, see the websites of the Republican National Committee, , and the Mitt Romney campaign, .
Take these nine steps to help get out the seniors vote for Mitt Romney. And spread the word about them to Republican seniors and others in the GOP everywhere.

Fred Seelman ( )
Founder, Republican Seniors Coalition
President, Leisure World Republican Club (Maryland)