01.15.2014 Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots Meeting. Subject – Smart Meters

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Join the Miifflin County Tea Party Patriots on Jan 15 at the Burnham OIP at 6:00 pm for a movie/presentation on Smart Meters.  Your help is needed to stop these “spy/killing meters”.  At the meeting an explanation regarding what they are and why you should be worried about them will be given to you.  Also, if anyone knows any fireman please ask them to attend, since these meters causes fires. Would you want these meters on your house? Thanks, Lisa

Lisa Nancollas, lnancollas@aol.com
Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots, Coordinator

Tea Party Patriots PA State Coordinator



Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots hold October meeting

Tea Party Patriots of Mifflin County will hold their October meeting Monday, Oct 21, 2013 at the HOSS’s in Lewistown at 6:00pm.  Agenda, gun resolution, smart meters healthcare are on the agenda.  If you know of any conservative that is self-employed that has received a letter saying their health insurance was been canceled under Obamacare, please encourage them to attend this meeting.