Politico is right: gay marriage will destroy the Republican Party

May 31, 2014

Politico is right: gay marriage will destroy the Republican Party

By Bryan Fischer

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Yesterday, Politico featured a David Lampo piece, Gay Marriage Will Destroy the GOP. Politico is exactly right that gay marriage will destroy the GOP, but for precisely the opposite reason Lampo imagines.

Lampo’s argument is that if the GOP does not embrace gay marriage, it is doomed. The truth of the matter is exactly the opposite: embracing gay marriage will doom the GOP and consign it to the ash heap of history.

Politico wants us to believe the tide of history is inevitable, and the GOP either must get on board the gay love boat or get swept out to sea where it will disappear beneath the waves.

It would be one thing if Politico had the best interests of the Republican Party at heart, but it does not.

It’s almost amusing to see these wingerleft extremists wring their hands and furrow their brows with such anxiety that the GOP might be harming itself. They care so much, you see, they are even willing (continue reading)

2014 PLC – Kumbaya: Working Together

2014 PLC - Kumbaya working together

Kumbaya – Working Together

Brief Notes from PLC –

Gene Barr, PA Chamber of Commerce – look at past history and where we are today and how we can use it. Thank you to veterans. Book, An Army at Dawn – about World War II and the beginnings; book is the story of the North African campaign. This group did not like that group that group did not like the other group; but they all had a common goal and came together to share the common goal which was the goal. We share the common goal; stop leaving our grandkids with a mound of debt.

Stephen Bloom, State Rep – system was designed by founders to be a complex; checks and balances. Controversy is a feature of the system and should be expected. To get things done you need to get a seat at the table. After elected you need credibility to keep a seat which comes from citizen activists. Present good ideas in a message that is crafted in a way that people identify with and can connect with.

Michael Geer, PA Family Institute -founded PA family institute by coming together and working towards a common goal. Formed about the same time PLC was founded. Group comes together – St Paul in letter to Corinthians chapter 12 body does not consist of one member but many. Eye can not say to the body, I have no need for you. We need to recognize and come together.

Robert Gleason, PA GOP Chairman – Gleason and party does not govern. Try to promote the party platform and if you have not read it, you need to. Written every other four years and is a wonderful document. He always reminds those elected of the party platform when he can.

Anastasia Przybylski, Freedom Works – humility and respect. A lot of people woke up five years ago and realized they needed to be involved. People in party structure did not accept us with open arms but now realize we are not going away.  The republican party and Tea Party need to recognize one thing, the republican party needs the tea party and the tea party needs the republican party.  When people want to run for state or county committee they are me with opposition. Republican Party needs to see there are new people and new energies and realize they need to change with times and need less resistance.

Diana Reimber, Tea Party Patriots – All come together for a commone cause, out of control spending and a tax and spend government. Believe in fiscal responsibility, constitutional rights, right to grow job.  The Tea Party Patriots support principles over party. 501C4, does not endorse. Recently formed a pac to support candidates.  When ask if the tea party going away – absolutely not. Used to see people waving signs, now you see people going to meeting and running for office.