Donald J. Trump or Fake News?

Anyone can easily take out a domain name and start their own website or create their own social media site. If you are donating money to re-elect the President or looking for information or where the President stands on an issue, ensure you are on the Donald J. Trump Campaign website, the National Republican Committee website, or the Pennsylvania Republican Committee website.

Recently during a simple search for a President Trump coalition, six different sites came up. Do not be fooled, make sure you know you are on a legitimate website.

Ever wonder how a person’s name appears on the ballot?

Have you ever gone to the polls to vote and wonder how a person’s name is listed on the ballot?  Any candidate listed on the ballot had to petition the voters of his/her party to be listed.  Grassroots workers and candidates are currently out gathering signatures to have names placed on the ballot.  Every candidate must follow this process from President of the United States to Supervisor of a township.  Candidates must then file their paperwork to be a candidate along with the petitions.

You may wonder how many signatures it takes to get your name placed on the ballot?

peition numbers

Annual Union County Republican Picnic

All Republicans are invited to our annual picnic at 6 p.m on Tuesday, August 16 at Mifflinburg Park.  Bring your family and get to know your Republican neighbors.
Meat, drinks and paper products are provided by the UCRC.  There is no cost, but each family is asked to bring a side dish or dessert to share.  RSVP not required but requested for planning purposes either by email at or at UCRC Picnic.