Tea Party Patriots visting US Senator Pat Toomey’s office

ToomeyPatriots, I am sure you heard about Toomey and our gun rights.  We are not happy about him interfering with our 2nd Amendment Rights.  Therefore, we are planning to visit his Johnstown office at 12 noon on Tuesday, April 16.  We need as many people there at possible.  If you have a letter defending our Second Amendment rights please bring it with you. We encourage you to drop it off at his office during the rally. It would be great if one person at a time could go into his office and hand deliver that letter.  Below is Toomey’s office address in Johnstown.  We must stand and fight for our rights! 

Lisa Nancollas


Toomey’s office in Johnstown 
Richland Square III, Suite 302
1397 Eisenhower Blvd
Johnstown, PA 15904
Phone: (814) 266-5970
Fax: (814) 266-5973
Map: Get Directions

Lisa Nancollas, lnancollas@aol.com
Mifflin County Tea Party Patriots, Coordinator

Tea Party Patriots PA State Coordinator