We are getting a lot of calls and texts regarding election corruption

If you have witnessed something illegal with the 2020 General Election, please report it; a team of lawyers are working around the clock.

PAGOP Hotline – 877-724-6720

Trump Campaign Hotline – 888-360-1776

Reports MUST have standing. You or someone who witnessed it must be be the person reporting. Seeing something (a video or post) on social media does not have standing, there must be someone willing to witness or be able to be called as a witness.

Everyone is on edge, but please please think before share. Did this really happen? Is it from a credible source? If so, by all means it NEEDS TO BE REPORTED and President Trump is counting on you to be his eyes and ears. If you were not permitted to vote, report it. If you did not vote by mail in ballot and were told you did, report it. If someone has passed away and you when you went to vote and sign the book and saw they voted, report it. If you were a poll watcher and denied access, report it. But if it is a post shared on the internet it has no standing and you cannot prove it happened, then neither will the lawyers be able to prove it.