Mark J. Harris is seeking the position of Republican Delegate to the 10th Congressional Distrist. Irene is seeking the postion of Alternate.

Mark J. Harris is running for the position of delegate in the 10th Congressional District.  He is self- employed, former Snyder County Republican Chairman, former Snyder County Republican Committeeman, and currently active in the PA Ag Republicans.  Mark had the pleasure of representing the people of the 10th district as a delegate in 2012 and hopes to have the honor of doing so again in 2016.

Although Pennsylvania has uncommitted delegates, should Mark be elected, he believes this is not about him.  It is about being a voice for the republican voters in the 10th district.  Although personally he is a Cruz supporter, and would hope Cruz would be the top vote getter in the PA 10th district, if he does not, Mark would have to honor the wishes of the voter and his first vote at convention would be for the top vote getter.  Any votes after that first vote Mark would be supportive of Cruz until the end.

The delegate process can be very confusing.  Being a former delegate has given him the opportunity to understand how the process works and be the best advocate for the voters in Pennsylvania.

 Irene is seeking the position of alternate delegate for the 10th Congressional District.  An Administrative Assistant, Irene is also the President of the SUN Area Council of Republican Women, a Director of Pennsylvania Federation of Republican Women, Sergeant-at-Arms of National Federation of Republican Women, and Secretary of the Ag Republicans.  As a grassroot advocate, Irene feels just as strongly as her husband Mark, this is about the voters, not about herself.  The wishes of the voter needs to be honored for the first vote, but is a Cruz supporter after that if she is given the chance.

Mark and Irene are both grassroots advocates; believe in pro-life issues, and one man one women marriage.