3 openings on top Pa. court draw lots of interest

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Every year is an election year in Pennsylvania, but 2015 has a quality that’s likely to shake up the usually mundane judicial races: three open seats on the seven-justice state Supreme Court.

A throng of more than a dozen hopefuls, including judges from lower courts and lawyers from outside the judiciary, are lining up – first for the party endorsements in January and February, then in the May 19 primary for the nominations that will be awarded to the top three vote-getters in each party.

The November election will decide which of the six candidates win the three seats – and the 10-year terms that go with them.

The outcome could easily flip the Republican Party’s slim 4-3 majority, and the simultaneous influx of so many new members is bound to change the face of the court in unpredictable ways.

This election will result in “a sea change on the court,” said (continue reading)