We have pulled out all the stops to get your message to Gov. Corbett and his top staff.

PA Marriage

Below you can read a press statement we just released to the media to express our dismay at the decision by Gov. Tom Corbett not to appeal yesterday’s court ruling redefining marriage in Pennsylvania.

We have pulled out all the stops to get your message to Gov. Corbett and his top staff. I urge you to continue to call, write and email Gov. Corbett to express your disappointment at his decision, and encourage him to reconsider. As stated below, one unelected judge should not become the de facto legislature and governor in Pennsylvania and impose his redefinition of marriage on all of us.

Gov. Corbett should and must take up the mantle and fight for marriage between one man and one woman, which he says he still believes in. Appealing the court decision is how to demonstrate that.

In the meantime, I assure you that on your behalf we are looking at every avenue to protect marriage, to defend it in the media and the public, and to prepare, should Judge Jones’s decision stand, to fight to protect your religious liberty and the rights of families of children in Pennsylvania.

Please take time to contact Gov. Corbett, your state representative and senator, and pray.



Michael Geer, President

P.S. Please keep up the contacts to the Governor’s office. And if you are able, we could use your most generous contribution at this critical time as we partner with you in defense of marriage. DONATE HERE

P.P.S We have resources available for pastors and churches who want to continue to promote marriage. Visit http://www.pafamily.org/pastors.