2014 PLC Freedom Breakfast

John Gizzi, NewsMax was up bright and early to begin PLC with breakfast.  He reminded us that we need to work hard to get the right people elected.

2014 PLC - Gizzi

Matthew Brouillette, from the Commonwealth Foundation addressed the group.  In Pennsylvania we have control of the legislature, but it is like  trying to move a battle ship against the current of the ocean.
When speaking on paycheck protections he stated unions use not only tax payers money to collect their dues, but their campaign contributions. What is the difference between a legislative employee doing campaign work out of legislative office? Or our tax money collecting union dues from paychecks to be used for lobbying elected officials?

The question was asked, how can we get good republicans elected when the republican establishment eat their young?  Matt reminded us of Scott Wagner, who is the first senate candidate to ever  win a write-in candidate. It can be done.