Do the “Precious Feet” (lapel pins) Help Save Babies Lives?

Do the “Precious Feet” Help Save Babies Lives?

You Betcha!


From Kathy in Phoenix, AZ
“I am so overjoyed to have learned of the ‘Precious Feet’. I am 16 years old. One day I as in the library and saw a girl that had the cutest little lapel pin of baby feet that I was curious and asked her about them. She told me what they stood for….it touched me so dearly and this girl was so sweet. I was even thinking about getting an abortion but now I will not. I will have the baby and give it up for adoption. Too bad I can’t keep it….but I know this will be the best for the child. I feel it was inspiration for me to be at the library that night.”

From Ray in Springfield, MO
Recently one of our friends gave a pair of ‘Precious Feet’ to a pregnant, unmarried girl she knew….An abortion was being planned and the girl was receiving pressure to carry out those plans. After seeing the feet she couldn’t believe them. The usual this can’t be true’ and, ‘I don’t believe it’ led to further research and examination of just what would be happening if the abortion were carried out. In other words – a life was saved!”

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