A message from the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives regarding local showing of the movie, The Christmas Candle

We received this email from the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives . . .


Earlier this week, Wednesday, November 20, we sent you an email encouraging you to see the new movie, The Christmas Candle. It is currently showing in Harrisburg which is the closest location to our area. The Campus Theatre in Lewisburg will not be showing the movie according to theatre manager, Jenni Stieler. One of our SVC members told us that the theatre at the Lycoming Mall “would consider showing it if they received enough calls.”

Listed below are the telephone numbers for the theaters at the Lycoming Mall and the Susquehanna Mall. We encourage you to contact these two theatres and request that they show The Christmas Candle so people living in our area would have an opportunity to see this outstanding movie. Phone calls from SVC members and your friends will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Lycoming Mall, Regal Williamsport Lycoming Mall 12 – 570-546-2437

Susquehanna Mall, Duplex Cinema Center Selinsgrove – 570-374-2049


Correction to original post –

The correct number to call at the Lycoming Mall to encourage them to show The Christmas Candle is 570-546-2475. Using this number you should be able speak to a live person who will take your message. The other number, 570-546-2437, is a recording.


The 570-374-2049 number at the Susquehanna Mall gives you starting times of current movies. If anyone has a telephone number that allows you to speak with a staff member at the theatre please let me know. Thank you.