PFRW Fall Conference Morning Speaker – Heather Hibbs will explain how women communicated during civil war times

Heather HibbsHeather Hibbs lives in Snyder County with husband  Andy Hibbs for 19 years.  They have two daughters in the Midd West school system.  Heather is a graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration; a self taught seamstress specializing in Civil War reproduction clothing.  She is the creator and owner of Treadle Treasures.  She also teaches an adult Sunday School class at our church – Mifflinburg Nazarene – as well as leading some of the Wed. and Sun. evening services.  Heather has  been active her kids’ school in many areas.  She collect antiques and love old stuff, traditions, and skills.  Heather is currently making a wool hooked rug from the scraps of uniforms she has made.  In addition to sewing she makes and sells I  lye and lard soap.  She has made candles, helped butcher hogs and makes her own bread from an antique wooden bowl.  Heather feels she could easily live in the 19th century, but she sure would miss her microwave!

Treadle Treasures:

About ten years ago, Heather Hibbs started her business, Treadle Treasurers.  She was making a variety of items when she finally found her nitch in Civil War era reproduction clothing about seven years ago.  The business really expanded when she moved it on-line.  Most of her business is out of state with a few orders going overseas.  California is the most frequently shipped to state.  Most of her sewing is done on antique treadle sewing machines; Heather currently owns twelve plus two hand crank machines.  For a more detailed history of Treadle Treasures go to:

Some of her most popular items are women’s dresses and underpinnings and she specialize in corsets; shopping an average of around 250 corsets a year.  Heather  also offers men’s military and civilian clothing.  She has also stitched a few children’s items and other Civil War era related items as well.  She  currently has five (very!) part time people working for her.

She works with a lot of reenactors, university and town theaters, an independent film makers, a PBS special, the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in Virginia.

Heather started speaking to her kids school classes and things sort of progressed from there.  Working at home has a lot of advantages and she   enjoys the chance to get out and around other people!

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