Education (Common Core) is part of Agenda 21 – A Report on the United Nations Plan

This summary includes the resolution passed by NFRWat the Kansas City Convention in 2011. It is included because the first area in Agenda 21 is Education. The Common Core Standards is another example of unrecognized polic
ies in all areas of life.
NFRW recognizes this and encourages local clubs and states to be informed.
NATIONAL FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN RESOLUTIONDefeat National Standards for State SchoolsPassed Unanimously at the NFRW 36thBiennial ConventionKansas City, MO – October 1, 2011. Passed Unanimously at the Alabama GOPState Executive Committee Meeting Birmingham, AL – February 25, 2012
WHEREAS,The national standards-based “Common CoreState Standards” initiative is the centerpiece of the Obama Administration’s agenda to
centralize education decision at the federal level;
WHEREAS,The Obama Administration is using the same model to take over education as it used for healthcare by using national standards and boards of bureaucrats, whom the public didn’t elect and can’t fire or otherwise hold accountable;
WHEREAS, National standards remove authority from States over what is taught in the classroom and how it is tested;
WHEREAS,National standards undercut the principle of federalism on which our nation was founded;