Fetal Murmurings

Fetal Murmurings

I’m just a little baby,

I really have no say;

But I’m to be aborted

And thrown away today!


I can’t speak out for myself,

My ‘right-to-life’s’ a fight;

“MAMA” has been brainwashed

Into thinking, “It’s all right.” 


Because I’m still a fetus,

They think I’m not worthwhile;

Not enough to rearrange

And change their own lifestyle.


Don’t they know when I grow up,

A great help to many they’d see?

Perhaps one day, I’d cure cancer

Or a great leader be.


Because they think I’m worthless,

They’ll never know the JOY,

One has when they are holding

Their precious girl or boy!


Written by Norma Jean Sauers February 3, 1994