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Dear Friend,

You may have heard that the Boy Scouts of America are facing intense pressure to change their policies in order to let homosexually-identified adults and boys serve in leadership positions and participate as members.

In fact, the pressure is so intense that one state is considering legislation that would strip them of their tax-exempt status if they don’t cave in when the national organization meets on May 23 to make this momentous decision.

My colleague Stuart Shepard discusses this in detail with John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council, on the most recent CitizenLink Report.  


Although there have been people in the Scouts with same-sex attractions, until this point it’s something they were asked to keep private. But that kind of discretion isn’t enough for gay activists and their allies. In essence, they are using a group that does tremendous work with boys and young men for their own political and social activism.

If they have their way, we will see the Boy Scouts go the same way the Girl Scouts of America has: That organization now supports Planned Parenthood® and a very liberal social agenda. As a result, many parents have pulled their children out and the organization has suffered a steep drop in donations.

Scout leaders and members vow to do their duty to God and to keep themselves “physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight”—principles which go against the promotion and celebration of homosexuality. How can we teach our boys to be brave if we ourselves are not willing to stand up to the bullies in our culture?

There is still time for you to send a message to the Boy Scouts of America, and help preserve this organization dedicated to developing our next generation of leaders—and if enough of you do, we can absolutely make a difference for moral and biblical values. Please join me in visiting to let the Boy Scouts of America know how you feel about this issue.

For faith and family,

Tom Minnery
Senior Vice President, Government & Public Policy


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