Victory for Prayer in Jesus’ Name!

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Victory for Prayer in Jesus’ Name!

The constitutional right to pray in Jesus’ name in city meetings has been affirmed by a federal appeals court after opponents challenged the original ruling. In Ruben v. City of Lancaster, the court affirmed the original judgment in favor of the City of Lancaster.

This is a truly exciting victory for the cause of religious liberty! Mayor Rex Parris and Mayor Henry Hearns are both close friends with Pastor Paul Chappell at the Lancaster Baptist Church. Mayor Parris and Mayor Hearns have both stood tall on this critical issue. Mayor Rex Parris carried this appeal and stood for what he felt was absolutely right in their city council meetings. Because Mayor Parris took this stand, we have this excellent decision, and it will greatly benefit the protection of our religious liberties in America!

Court officials found that the City of Lancaster did not violate the Establishment Clause by having local pastors invoke opening prayers, many of which were prayed in Jesus’ name. The Court found that a single mention of Jesus in prayers by private citizens was not in violation of constitutional law. We praise the Lord for this favorable outcome! A copy of the decision is attached in this email. God deserves all the glory for this victory for religious freedom in California today!
Click here to download the ruling.