If you have not registered to attend the Ladies Hand Gun Safety Class the deadline is approaching!

right to bear armsSUN Area Council of Republican Women encourages all of its members to secure and train on a firearm of their choice.  The Council was able to work with the Kreamer Sportsmen’s Club to schedule our next classes in March.

The “Ladies Hand Gun Safety Class” will be held on March 15, 6-9 and March16, 8-1 for shooting, gun cleaning, and related instruction.  Cost per person is $20.00, for both Friday and Saturday and includes lunch on Saturday.  It will be open to the public.  The class is limited to 25 women.

To make reservations with the SUN Area Council of Republican Women to participate in this class, please call 570-568-1217 no later than March 8th.

It is  recommend you make your reservations as early as possible, space is limited.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Kreamer Sportsman’s Club the fee is $40.00 and then $30.00 after that.  That permits you to use the year-round indoor .22 pistol range and the outside range. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SUNACRW, the cost is $5.00 which includes membership in the local, state, and national councils.