2nd Amendment Rights on a local level – is your mayor one of them?

Passion to Action

Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights

President Obama’s 23 edicts through Executive Order regarding our 2nd Amendment “right to keep and bear arms” has the passion across our country to protect these God-given and Constitutionally protected rights running high

Preaching to the choir and posting on Face book about these attacks on the 2nd Amendment will not stop the anti-gun agenda that is being waged at all levels of government. By turning this passion into action, below you will find a brief overview of what is being done to combat this full frontal assault on our 2nd Amendment and what action you can take to help stop it.

State Level

At the State level, many states are introducing legislation that would forbid any diminishing or infringement of our 2nd Amendment rights. In Ohio, State Senator Kris Jordan has announced he will be introducing legislation in the Ohio Senate that will closely resemble a pro-2nd Amendment bill recentlyintroduced in Wyoming.

When this bill is introduced in Ohio we will forward the information and ask that you call state legislators to encourage its’ passage.

Local Level

It is at the local level where you can make an immediate impact in defending our 2nd Amendment rights as it is at this level where most anti-gun legislation can be enacted with the least amount of media coverage and fanfare. Furthermore, it is at this level where many of the anti-gun crowd is already mobilizing.

NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns” (MAIG) group has been discreetly working at the local level to abridge our “right to keep and bear arms.”

Prior to the Newtown School shootings, this group, MAIG, had over 800 Mayors signed on as supporters – after Vice President Joe Biden recently met with Mayors (Video) from across the country at the Conference of Mayors held in D.C. membership to this group grew by over 400,000 Mayors.

There are currently many Mayors from cities & townships across Ohio that have joined Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns — and this is where YOU can immediately start to defend your 2nd Amendment rights by putting your passion to action!

Passion to Action

Below you will find two paths to take to stop the Anti-Gun Agenda from being implemented at the local level.

See if your Mayor is a member of Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns by clicking here. See link above!

If your Mayor is a member, work must start immediately to stop any further implementation of MAIG’s Anti-Gun Agenda.

1.) Contact your council members or township trustees to see if they are aware your Mayor is a

member of MAIG. If so, ask if they supported his signing on and ask they assist you in having

the Mayor rescind his membership immediately.

2.) If you Mayor and Council members/Township Trustees refuse to do so, contact your friends and

neighbors and begin a campaign of phone calls, emails, letter writing. Circulate a petition asking

your Mayor to immediately remove your City as a member of this group and present the petition at

your next Council / Township meeting.

If your Mayor is not already a member of MAIG, be proactive and ask that your council members or township trustees immediately pass a Resolution in support of our 2nd Amendment rights.

We have a template resolution supporting the 2nd Amendment that is suitable for passage at the local level. If you are willing to ask your Council or Township Trustees to pass a resolution supportive of the 2nd Amendment, please contact us immediately at