An invitation from SUN Area Council of Republican Women

Dear Republican Woman,
We would like to personally invite you to become a member of the SUN Area Council of Republican Women. We have been doing exciting things to help elect Republican Candidates well as inform our community about candidates running for office and legislative issues.
Our next meeting will held in Northumberland County on Thursday, February 7th meeting at the Old “Y”, 325 Market Street, Sunbury at 6:30pm. We thank the Servanos for their generosity in allowing us to use their space. Our meeting topic will laying the groundwork on the importance of this year’s school board elections and how the school boards affect our lives, especially through their taxation powers. Presenting the topic will be Ben Ranck who brings a wealth of information to the subject. We will also be installing our new leadership for 2013-2014.
At our January meeting we invited Matt Wagner who spoke on Right to Work. I think you’ll agree that creating and sustaining jobs in Pennsylvania and the USA is a very important issue. It was a very informative meeting.
SUNACRW will be at the Evangelical Community Hospital’s Children’s Health Fair at the Susquehanna Valley Mall, where children color valentines for vets. The event is on Saturday, January 26, 2013 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. These valentines will be sent to veterans in our vet hospitals as well as those
soldiers currently serving overseas.
We would be thrilled to have you join us. I’m sure you will enjoy networking with others who are concerned about our country, state, and counties. We would be honored to have you as a SUNACRW member. You can choose to be as active or inactive as you wish. Too busy? Give us your check and we
will invest your money in activities that promote Republican principles. The cost is $5.00 to join the National Federation of Republican Women, the PA Federation of Republican Women and SUN Area Council of  Republican Women. Think about it, that’s only five cups of coffee a week and the benefits are tremendous.
With warmest regards,
SUN Area Council of Republican Women