GT Thompson attended the 2013 Annual Meeting of the PA Ag Republicans

GT 2013 Annual Meeting

Congressman Glenn (GT) Thompson also addressed the group at the 2013 PA Ag Republican Annual Meeting.  He thanked everyone who supports PA’s number one industry, agricultural, in any way.  He is honored to serve on the Ag Committee for the third term; and also serving on the conservation, forestry subcommittee.  Conservation pays and they are looking at safety nets.  A one year extension was put on the farm bill.  There needs to be more free market and less subsidies.  Eight dollar a gallon milk would crush the market.  There is a need to work on reauthorization of the farm bill and they hope to do so in the first quarter.  There are two main issues with the farm bill, supply and management and food stamps.  Food stamps have increased 275% over ten years and are in the farm bill.  He spoke on taxes and thanked everyone for their support and work.  Mike announced that once again there will be a fundraiser breakfast for GT the Wednesday of Ag Progress Days.