PA Family Council to implements a GOTV program aimed at turning out values voters on November 6th

Click to view flyer – Are you motivated to do something about the liberal agenda against Life, Traditional Marriage and Religious Freedom

A message from Carolyn –

Did you know that 30% of Evangelicals are not registered to vote?  Or that approximately 65% of all church-goers are unregistered or rarely cast a ballot?

I am working with PA Family Council to implement a GOTV program aimed at turning out values voters on November 6th.  We will be organizing phone banks and canvassing efforts throughout Pennsylvania.  Please consider volunteering to advance this effort.  We will be using cutting edge technology to maximize our time and energy.  Please share the attached flyer with your friends and families.

Will you help make a difference?  No matter how much free time you have there are ways for you to significantly impact voter turnout on Election Day.  If you’ve never be involved before, now is the time.  All training is provided.

Join us to inform voters of candidate differences for President and U.S. Senate.  Help us identify voters who will elect candidates who value life, traditional marriage and religious freedom.  Come help, have some fun and meet new people all while making a difference for our country, communities, and families.

Carolyn Conner