Yard sign placement

Stan Saylor, a long time Snyder County Committeeman, once said,  “nobody ever voted for a yard sign.”  Although this is true, seeing a yard sign on PERSONAL property says a lot.  Yard signs tell everyone who you are supporting and can be a conversation starter. If someone brings up the conversation of your yard sign you can get into a discussion of the candidates the the issues. Perhaps the person you are talking to is not registered to vote?  Maybe they are going to be out of town on Election Day and it never occurred to them to fill out an absentee ballot.  Yard signs can be placed along high traffic public areas; however, they are much more effective when they are on someone’s personal property, stating this is who I am supporting.   PLEASE do not post yard signs on public property during the summer months.  #1, the state or municipality is still mowing grass.  #2, they become a fixture and by November the candidate is not fresh on the voters mind.