PA Ag Republicans host Family Farm Day on June 23, 2012

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PA Ag Republicans host Family Farm Day

A family event will be held on Saturday, June 23, 2012 at the farm of Darren & Kristen Grumbine, 1725 Mt Pleasant Road, Lebanon, PA.

Pennsylvania Ag Republican announce they are hosting a family farm day on Saturday, June 23, 2012.  This event is family friendly and all ages are encouraged to attend.  The event begins at 1:00 pm with lunch being served followed by a special speaker at 2:30 pm.  There will be a live band playing as attendees meet and greet candidates seeking office or while talking your representatives already elected to office.

2012 is a very important election year Republican commentators and pundits have all been telling us “this will be a pivotal election for individual freedom”. Those of us in the agricultural economy see and know this is the understatement of the year. Farming family enterprises regardless the size, have been inundated with overbearing regulations and mandates from the number of animals permitted, to the environment they are raised in. In many cases the cost of complying out weigh the benefit of remaining in business.  We need your help and participation. On June 23rd join us on the Darren Grumbine farm, meet and greet our state and federal candidates running in this year’s election

For more information or to make reservations visit or call 570-541-8697.