Thank you!

The past few months I have traveled from one end of the 10th Congressional District to the other, campaigning for the position of Republican Delegate to the National Convention in Tampa, FL. I am humbled by the support the voters of the district have shown me.  I would like to say thank you for the historic opportunity you have given me to serve as Republican Delegate.

While campaigning has been tiring at times, I have gained a new appreciation for candidates who come forward to run for the different political offices.  I am inspired to see so many people willing to come out and be involved in our political process. It will be an honor, and with a glad heart and enthusiastic zeal to help place into nomination the next President of the United State; and begin the process of returning our economy and country back to a path of prosperity and equality for all of our people.

Mark J. Harris

10TH Congressional District

Delegate to National Convention


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