August 4th, 2011 Williamsport Tea Party Open Meeting with Ana Puig

Ana  is a concerned naturalized American citizen who has spoken at rallies, written on political subjects, and appeared on major networks and their affiliates.  She is a spokesperson for Conservatism from the viewpoint of a successful legal immigrant.

Ana was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and lived there until her family moved to the United States when she was 14. She earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing and International Business from Baylor University and worked as a Senior Marketing Analyst for AMR Corp. She’s now a leader in the Tea Party Movement and Co-Chair of The Kitchen Table Patriots (

If you, like us in Williamsport Tea Party, are worried about our American economy, our personal freedoms and our right to keep the fruits of our labor, then Ana Puig brings a message you will not want to miss. She uses her experiences from her native country to enlighten Americans about what can happen here if we don’t demand responsible stewardship from our government.

Those in our group who have heard her speak agree that she is one of the best motivational speakers we have ever heard. Her message is passionate, intelligent and clear. This American-by-Choice makes clear to us the true definition of patriotism and what we must do to make sure that our American Way is not lost for our future generations. Don’t miss this inspiring lady!

Flyer – 8-4-2011 Williamsport Tea Party Open Mtg