Why Poll Watch?

Why is poll watching so important during a General Election?  A Poll Watcher does nothing more than sit at the polls and cross off names as voters vote.  From there, the list is then taken to a phone bank calling those who have not voted reminding them today is Election Day and how important their vote is.  This is what takes the average number of voters to above average.  You would be surprised at the number of people who were “going to stop on their way from home from work and forgot.”  Or those who were fed up with everything, but because they received a personal phone call asking them to vote, will go and vote.  Or those who need a ride to the polls, which we will setup.  Poll Watching is what takes the average voter turnout and takes it above average.

Are you available for an hour or two on Election Day to poll watch or make phone calls reminding  people to vote?  Is so, please contact us at rockstargop@verizon.net