Susquehanna Valley Conservatives invite you to their 10/11/2010 meeting!

Fellow Conservatives,

Susquehanna Valley Conservatives will meet Monday, October 11 at 7:00PM at the Best Western Inn, Lewisburg. We will meet in the Baylor West Conference Room located on the lower level on the west side of the building. Park on the west side of the building and enter through the “WEST” door.

The format for this meeting will involve an open discussion of three different but important topics that our group needs to consider. In order to encourage a healthy exchange of differing views from individuals within our group we plan to sit in a circle, much like we did at an earlier meeting this year. There will be a moderator and the rest of us will be participants in the discussions.

Please come to the meeting prepared to share your views on the following topics:

1)     The Buckley Rule versus the Limbaugh Rule has received attention since the recent Primary Election in Delaware where Christine O’Donnell (R) defeated incumbent, Mike Castle (R). The Buckley Rule says that Republicans should vote for the most conservative primary candidate likely to win the general election. Rush Limbaugh says that it requires clairvoyance to determine who will win the general election, so one should simply vote for the most conservative candidate. Buckley most likely would have voted for Castle and Limbaugh clearly for O’Donnell. Let’s discuss/debate this on October 11.

2)     One of the SVC principles favors “term limits”. There are those in our group that say we need to consider the downside of having term limits. The downside involves more than just losing some good incumbents when you have term limits. Let’s explore both sides of this controversial issue.

3)     What are the characteristics of “your ideal candidate”? This question promises to reveal some differing opinions from those within our group who consider themselves conservatives. Let’s see what we find out.

We look forward to seeing you on October 11. Please come and bring friends who would like to participate in discussing these three topics.