PA Coalition for Responsible Government –

Our Efforts Failed

The Senate’s Appropriations Committee reported the controversial House Bill 400 out of committee today at 5:00 PM 9/28/10 and it will be presented to the full Senate, despite efforts by Chairman Jake Corman to table the bill. This bill will severely limit the ability of companies to employ independent subcontractors and open employers to lawsuits by labor unions. The bill – dubbed the Subcontractor Extinction Act by the Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association – was opposed by the National Federation of Independent Business, Pennsylvania Builders Association and Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry.

With the Senate controlled by Republicans 30 to 20, this bill should have been killed easily by legislators supportive of a limited government agenda. Apparently, too many of our Republican Senators voted with their Union donors and against the will of the people.

All of the Democrats in the Senate will vote for this (20) and five (5) Republicans have already voted for this anti-business bill in committee and can be counted on to support this in the full Senate, so the reality is that there enough votes with the help of the turncoats to pass this bill. These “Republicans” are:

Argall, David G. (R) – District 29
Tomlinson, Robert M. (R) – District 6
Gordner, John R. (R) – District 27
Pileggi, Dominic (R) – District 9
Scarnati, Joseph B., III (R) – District 25

The bill will be reported to the full Senate tomorrow, 9/29/10. Normally, a bill is required to be considered after three (3) days; however, it can be expedited and voted on as soon as tomorrow, 9/29/10.

If you have a list of things to do starting on November 3rd, please add a highlighted section to find a true conservative, limited government candidate to replace each of these charlatans. It is especially troubling to see that Dave Argall is now running for the US House and that we have been supporting him in his efforts. We can only hope that he will not turn out to vote in the US House as he is voting in Pennsylvania.