Mark’s letter to the editor

(A letter to the editor submitted by Mark J.  Harris on 8/30/2010)

A free press is necessary for a free society; the constitutional protection of a free press comes with responsibility.  Responsibility would require an objective, honest and accurate reporting of issues facing the public.

The Daily Item’s promotion of one political candidate over another by printing “Carney to attack foe over mob ties” is nothing less than slanderous accusations and beyond shameless.  Tom Marino’s steadfast support of a close personal friend should be commended.  How many times have any of us needed a warm hand of someone we relied on as a friend, or the embrace of a supporter, only than to be denied that because others found you to be undesirable?  How many times have you denied your faith or the warmth of friendship because you were uncomfortable or you felt it was the popular thing to do?  You may not recognize Mr. Marino’s insistence not to discard his friend for political gain; it’s called courage.  The content of Tom Marino’s character will not permit those deemed by society as undesirable or unfit to be swept aside or as he would say “thrown under the bus.”  It is that type of courage which is missing in our political system today.  Tom Marino, as Congressman of the 10th Congressional District, will be the friend in Washington representing our views and values that we desperately need.

Mark J. Harris