Mark’s 5/11/2010 Letter to the Editor (Before the Daily Item decided to make changes to it.)

As the May 18th Primary Election approaches, we will be deciding who will be representing us for the next two, four, and six years. There is a group of people who make the election process run as smoothly as possible; they are the members of our townships and boroughs Election Boards. These men and women give of their time to assure that all candidates have a fair and equitable process, regardless of party. They arrive early and leave late on Election Day, these members serve out of a sense of duty to their community, their friends and neighbors. Though we see them in action for a short time, sifting through registration cards and feeding the ballots into the machines, they have worked many hours prior to the election. They have attended training meetings, prepared machines and materials, and will count the election votes and certify the results. On Tuesday, May 18th, let’s give them a heartfelt thank you for a job well done.