Tom Corbett Supports Our Veterans!


Tom Corbett proudly served in the Pennsylvania National Guard for 13 years and is personally aware of the importance in sacrifice of our men and women serving in the military.  He believes that Pennsylvania must improve our support in the active military community, veterans and their families that call Pennsylvania home.

Securing Jobs Training for our Returning Veterans

Tom Corbett believes Pennsylvania must give special attention to our veterans. Thousands of Pennsylvanians have seen their lives and careers interrupted while serving abroad in the War Against Terror. While Reservists and National Guard are guaranteed to be able to return to their employers in similar positions, some returned to find their employers out-of-business or their skills out-of-date.         Tom Corbett believes that these individuals and their families deserve better. None of them expect a handout, but they should be able to expect a hand-up with skills enhancement training and job search skills development that will allow them to re-integrate into Pennsylvania’s fast-paced economy.

Ensure Access to Training and Services

Under federal law veterans may receive preferential assistance for job placement services, as well as other programs. Tom Corbett will direct the Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans and Military Affairs to collaborate on outreach programs with employers, community and veteran’s organizations, unions and local counseling and social service agencies to ensure that veterans are aware of and receive the job training services for which they are eligible. These efforts will include helping to place veterans in federally-funded employment and training programs, develop job interviewing and résumé writing skills, and helps veterans conduct a productive job search and access job listings through the enhanced Pennsylvania CareerLink.

Please visit and review Tom’s support for Veterans and other plans to turn on the power of Pennsylvania.

Tom Corbett Supports Our Veterans