William Penn is rolling over in his grave. Thank you Department of General Services.

Marijuana and LGBTQ flags removed from Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s office


There’s a fight over flags at the State Capitol in Harrisburg.

Flags supporting the legalization of marijuana and LGBTQ rights were removed this week from outside and inside Pennsylvania Lt Gov. John Fetterman’s office.

The state Department of General Services said it removed the flags because of a provision in a budget bill passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature. The flags don’t qualify under the law to be displayed at the Capitol.

Fetterman said he’ll stop flying the flags when recreational marijuana is legalized and gay and transgender rights become protected under the law.

“To use state resources during a time of such upheaval to worry about two flags that I have hanging from my balcony seems odd,” Fetterman said.

The lieutenant governor said he’s not angry at the state workers who removed the flags because they’re caught in the middle of a political dispute.

Fetterman already put the flags back up once this week but they were taken down. A spokeswoman said he’ll probably put them back up again on Monday.


Well said William Shirk! Ignorance of History

Ignorance of history


In my opinion, all the letter writers disparaging Congressman Keller are ignorant. Not one of their letters mentioned that Democrats attempted the same House Floor Electoral College challenge in 2017.

Failure to include that historical fact in their letters indicates ignorance of history, or an ignorant act of political partisanship.

Over the past four years, Democrats continuously accused President Trump of Russian collusion. Their lead cheerleader Congressman Adam Schiff claimed he had Intelligence Committee proof.

Astonishingly, transcripts of testimony by Obama administration officials before Schiff’s committee showed that not one Obama official could produce any Russian collusion evidence.

The Democrats claimed the 2016 election was stolen. Their false and made-up Steele Dossier (a paid for political opposition research report) was used as justification to spy on Trump and launch the pathetic Mueller Investigation.

Where was the letter-writer outrage over false accusations made by the Democrats?

Democrats are calling for the “reprogramming” and “punishment” of Trump supporters. To me, that sounds like the historical actions of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.

We the People should fear any elected official, corporate leader, or media personality who promotes public safety through censorship of free speech.

The Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a fool’s errand committed by a proportionally small number of radicals amongst the tens of thousands who were present. Punishing all Trump supporters for the irresponsible actions of a few is taking a page right out of “The Tyrants’ Playbook.”

For four years we were lied to about Russian collusion. Now we’re supposed to believe nothing questionable could occur with mail-in ballots?

A little bit of sunshine goes a long way when it comes to destroying a conspiracy.

What if the states and cities in question had allowed a review of the mailed envelopes and paper ballots? Why not a test of the machines? If there was nothing to hide why not shine the light of day upon it?

I have faith in the processing of ballots in Monroe Township, Snyder County, because I witnessed Democrats and Republicans working together as a team during the voting process. They confirmed my identity and saw to it that I followed established protocols. A check and balance system like that with representatives from both political parties present I trust and believe in.

If you’re going to silence and arrest anyone who dares to question the 2020 election, you’d better do the same for those who questioned the 2016 results.

The day you walk into a department store and half the manufactured goods say “Made in Russia” instead of “Made in China” you can worry about Russian collusion.

Telling citizens how and what to think sounds an awful lot like China to me.

William Shirk lives in Selinsgrove


Yes, the USA was blessed with four great years! (2016-2020)

A great four years

Having Donald Trump as my president has been so refreshing.

He was a president who paid great respect to God, American values, our flag, our police, our military, and the lives of the unborn. He set in motion the path to greater economic progress which affects my present life and my retirement.

I intend to stay connected to the movement that he started. Thank you Donald Trump for four great years.

Mark Redmond


Thank you Mark Redmond for a great Letter to the Editor in 1/22/2021 Sunbury Daily Item.

Snyder County Republicans Back Trump

On Jan. 8, using her position as GOP state committee member, Pat Saylor called for the resignation and removal of our President Donald J. Trump. She claims to be a representative of the voters of Snyder County; but I can assure Ms. Saylor that she is very mistaken. President Trump is the first president in a very long time to work every day fighting for us the American people, truly believing in America first, pushing back daily on the globalist and corporatist from within and outside of his administration.

President Trump has been the most pro-life president that we’ve ever had, fighting for the life of the unborn, reinstating the Mexico City Policy, which restricts the use of foreign aid by not allowing (click to continue reading).

In case you missed the original article . . . Republican State Committee member Pat Saylor said President Donald Trump should be removed from office. (click to read)