Hallelujah! Victory for the Hahns, Religious Freedom

Freedom is the Ultimate Winner in Conestoga Wood and Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision

Pennsylvania Family Institute applauds ruling as important First Amendment victory

Liberty in America was affirmed and protected today as the United States Supreme Court sided with advocates for First Amendment freedoms, and rejected government overreach into the lives of those who own and operate businesses.

Pennsylvania Family Institute (PFI) congratulates the Hahn Family, old-order Mennonites from Lancaster County and the founders and owners of Conestoga Wood Specialties, who challenged the federal government’s contraceptive drug coverage mandate.

“The Hahns made it very clear from the start being forced to provide employee coverage for drugs that can cause an abortion would be a severe violation of their religious faith and conscience, (continue reading)

Dr. Arthur Brooks, How to Win the Fight for Free Enterprise @ 2014 PLC

Brief Notes from 2014 PLC –

How to Win the Fight for Free Enterprise – Dr. Arthur Brooks, American Enterprise Institute. Dr. Brooks wrote the book The Road to Freedom, which those who attended the 2014 Leadership Conference received a complementary copy.

We have a big fight on our hands. We need to fight for people who are not here today; the people Obama has left behind.  They need defenders and warriors. Patriots fight for their fellow citizens, we are the patriots.

Our Hope Agenda
1) Education – school should be for kids, not adults. Schools are protected by grownups. Choice and innovation are missing. Public schools in DC spend $18,474 per student but lack in reading
2) Work – jobs/minium wage. Dead end jobs, problem is job has no future. Many start with dead end jobs. No dead end jobs, dead end people, dead end cultural, dead end government.
3) Entrepreneurship – the heroes of American cultural. Usually when we talk about entrepreneurs we  talk about rich people. He earned a living and supported his family and kids saw him supporting himself. Enterprise the dignified venture of your life. Entrepreneur by the poor is down by 2%. American is against the little guy, against the poor and unAmerican.

2014 PLC- Dr. Arthur Brooks


Conestoga Wood Specialities goes to the Supreme Court tomorrow.

Conestoga Wood Specialties, a family-run business owned by the Hahns, are seeking a religious exemption from the HHS mandate so that they will not be forced through their business to provide drugs that can cause an abortion. Everyone should be free to live and do business according to their faith. Learn more at http://www.pafamily.org/prayforthehahns.php #PrayfortheHahns #ReligiousFreedom

John Bouder to speak at Susquehanna Valley Conservative March 2014 meeting

John Bouder will be the featured speaker for the next SVC meeting on Monday, March 10 at 7:00PM at the Best Western Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg. His presentation will focus on paycheck protection—ending government union bosses’ unfair political privilege that allows them to use taxpayer resources for politics.John Bouder is a Policy Analyst & Communications Officer for the Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives. He is a lifelong resident of Central Pennsylvania. He attended high school at Northumberland Christian School and college at Susquehanna University. He holds a B.A. in Writing and is a short story aficionado and an antiques collector.

 John and his wife are the parents of two daughters and he is committed to bequeathing to his family a free and prosperous Pennsylvania.

 SVC welcomes everyone to attend this meeting free of charge.