Election Fraud

Were you told you voted by mail when you did not?

Where you told you were not registered to vote when you voted for years?

Do you know of a dead person who voted?

Were you turned away from the polls on Tuesday, November 3, 2020?

If you were, it is VERY important that you report this. A team of lawyers is working on Election Fraud, however they cannot do anything with a case of one here or there, they need to be able to prove is was wide spread. If you were a victim or know of someone no longer living who voted please report it ASAP!

PAGOP Hotline – 877-724-6720

Trump Campaign Hotline – 888-360-1776

Important Prayer Assignment

We have an important prayer assignment!
The leftist media has “called” the election for Biden–overstepping their role as reporters and claiming authority to bestow the presidency on their candidate of choice.  All the while, mass instances of vote fraud and irregularities are being revealed and uncovered. As we continue our assignment to pray for the election, please join us to continue lifting up the process–it’s a critical time for our nation.   Tuesday Vote Your Values webcasts will continue, now praying for the people who are attempting to bring truth to the process. We will be praying for law firms involved in the ballot challenges and recount efforts, our friends fighting voter fraud, and the embattled states.  You can get started praying NOW! Here is a partial list of law firms fighting for truth: 1. Marquis -Aurbach -Coffing
2. Taylor- English – Duma, LLP 
3. Lathrop-Gage
4. Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin & Schiller 
5. Michael Beth Fridrich 
6. Arent Fox 
7. Jones -Day  
8. Porter Wright Morris Arthur We will share more on our webcast on Tuesday. Stay in touch with the latest news for prayer at HeadlinePrayer–it’s election news and perspective you won’t find on the news!
  Remember to gather your praying friends and join us tomorrow at 12:15 pm ET to pray together on the Vote Your Values webcast! Www.ifapray.org/live or (712) 775-7431 2452# Let’s keep praying!

Dave Kubal