Pennsylvania , the keystone state – 2012 HERE WE COME!

At a recent PA GOP 2012 training meeting, Jerry Morgan gave an unbelievable speech . . . and he right.  Jerry said, take a look at history,  PA is the keystone state.  We fought tyranny at Valley Forge, PA.  The constitution of the United States was signed at Philadelphia, PA.  The turning point of the civil war was fought at Gettysburg, PA.   Terrorism was fought at Shanksville, PANow it is time to take back our country and fight for economic development.  We, the Pennsylvania’s are the minutemen.  Our nation can be taken back; it is time to stop Obama.  All politics is local and PA could be the state to make the change in the white house.  2012 HERE WE COME!!!!!

If you wish to be one of those Pennsylvanian’s to make a difference, please email us at and we will keep you informed of how to be involved.  We need to start now to ensure a victory in 2012.